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Hundreds of home buyers here in Riverside County have been able to buy their first home with under $2,500 Out of Pocket...

Down Payment Assistance Benefits

Whether your home ownership journey is just starting or already underway, you may need a low or no down-payment option to make it happen.

  • Buy a home with Low or $0 Down Payment
  • Grant assistance does not have to be paid back
  • Options for NO Closing Costs
  • Flexible Credit Guidelines (As low as 640 credit scores)
  • First-time and VA Homebuyers are Eligible
  • Must Meet Income and Property Eligibility (Check Above Here Now)

The 6 Step Down Payment Assistance Process

  1. Complete our Smart System Down Payment Assistance Identifier
  2. Get List of Programs You are Eligibile For
  3. Explore and We'll help you choose your best assistance option based on your goals
  4. Find a home, and make an offer through us with confidence that you are approved for the down payment you need.
  5. Close Your Home purchase with our team of experienced professionals
  6. Move into your new Home

News + Success Stories

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George Bought with $1,666.87
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Deann Bought with $2,160.99 using Down Payment Assistance Programs
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Would You Like The Next Person to Get Into a Home for Under $2,500 Out of Pocket??

Which Best Describes You....?

Check Your Eligibility Today - Quick, Free and Easy

Why This Site?​​​​

First and Foremost, We are NOT Lenders... We are Real Estate Agents

We created this site because many of our clients had been looking into finding a way to own their own home with little to no money down. They checked the HUD site for down payment programs and found it overwhelming and confusing… Just like we did when trying understand which of our clients were actually eligible. We spend countless hours training with the HUD representatives, and working with APPROVED Lenders to truly understand the programs and who actually qualifies for to use the programs.

Reason #1 Why We created This Site​

Once we understood all the requirements, we sought to create a smart system that removes all the confusion, and lets you know which of the 16 programs in Riverside County you are most likely eligible for. We built the AI Logic into the system to choose the right programs based on your responses.  This will help save you the time and frustration in trying to figure out all the different requirements for each program just to see which one you qualify for. 

We hope that when you get your results, and you find them useful that you will allow us the opportunity to earn your trust and business to represent you as your agent in your home purchase. 

Reason #2 Why We created This Site​

In addition, not all lenders are approved to offer these programs. There are many lenders who advertise the programs, but are unable to offer you the programs and use it as a mere lead capture tool. They then route you to the easiest loan they can do, and not necessarily the one that make it the most affordable for you.   With the results, you will be empowered when speaking to a Lender in knowing that you are in fact eligible for the programs.  This could mean the difference for you between you having to save $15,000 - $25,000 or being able to buy with little to no money down. 

As an  added service! if you request to be contacted after viewing your eligibility results, we will refer you to lenders who we have worked with and successfully completed Down payment program assistance for our previous clients.  We hope that this adds value to earn your trust to represent you as your agent. 

Why ALL  First Time Home Buyers Should Check Their Eligibility

Aside from Good Credit, one of the biggest challenges home buyers face is saving up for the down payment to buy their home. This is why you are probably here. You are looking for an alternative solution to having to ask friends or family to borrow the money.

You have heard that there are down payment assistance programs and government grants that will help you buy, and that is true. There are 16 programs here in the Southwest Riverside county to help you get into a home, sometimes with as little as $2,000 down. But Which is the right program? Which one(s) do your qualify for that will make owning the most affordable?  Checking your eligibility using this system is the first step.

Once you get the results,  you can choose to have one of our First time home buying agents to help you come up with a plan and give you the next steps to take in your home ownership journey. ​

For Active Military and Veteran Home Buyers

Checking to see if you can use your VA Home Loan benefit can be a bit discouraging. The most frustrating part is calling the VA to get a home loan to buy your first home. Let’s get clear, the VA does not offer any loans. What they do is Guarantee the loan in case you run into a situation where you can no longer make the mortgage payments. Because the VA is on the hook for the payments, they need you to meet specific requirements.

Rather than you spend hours going through the VA eligibility requirements yourself, or filling out a form online that doesn’t give you a solid answer. We consulted with VA loan specialists to create this smart system that checks your eligibility against the VA home loan requirements – Instantly.

 If the systems returns that you are eligible to use your VA home loan benefit, You know that when you speak to a lender that you are in fact eligible to use your benefit. If you request to be contacted, we - as your agent - can help connect you with VA lending specialists. 

Veterans, We built this piece of the online system to help ensure you use your benefit, and help you along your home buying journey.

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