Deann in front of her first home

Deanne Mace is now a proud home owner! She got  $25,793 from the Down Payment Assistance Programs

She is one of our success stories who was able to use one of the Down Payment Assistance programs our system recommended. She was able to buy her first home with just under $2,200 out-of-pocket. She originally reached out to me asking about the government programs available to help her get into a home because, as with most people, saving has proven difficult given the economy and size of her family.

Deann - CalHFA Down Payment Assistance ClientDeann is a single mom, working hard, just doing her best to support her mother, daughter and grandchildren. With rents continuing to go up, she wasn’t sure she could continue to be able to afford all the rent hikes.

When she originally spoke to a loan officer, she was denied for down payment assistance, but was never told why. She wanted to double check as most people should always do – Get a second opinion.

We first needed to determine the reason for the decline, so I reached out to the prior loan officer to find out what the problem was since she met all the eligibility requirements. Together we found out that there was a mistake on her credit report (very common). Her report showed a mortgage that should have been payed off and removed back in 2009.

Rather than give up, Deann and I, together with the help of Paul Claudio researched why the loan was showing up. We called, wrote letters and finally got clear instructions on what we needed to do to have it removed. It was not easy!! But her commitment to get into her first home, and with a help from us, Paul was able to finally get Deann approved for down payment assistance programs.

Paul submitted Deann’s paperwork for 2 different CalHFA programs to make sure she could get down payment and closing cost assistance.

Down Payment Assistance Amounts Received

  • $10,350 in CalHFA Down Payment Assistance
  • $15,243 in CalHFA Closing Cost Assistance

The hard work was totally worth it – Right?

She was able to use both program to buy this 1,920 sqft home here in Murrieta.

Deann in front of her first home Front view of the house Deann Bought

Here is the best part. When we opened escrow she made and earnest money deposit of $3,000 into escrow.

At the close, she received a refund check of $839.01.

Down Payment Assistance closing check

That means that she was able to buy her first home with only $2,160.99.

Do you have at least that much saved up?

If you do, then you owe it to yourself to at least explore your eligibility to see how much assistance you can receive. It takes less than a minute and checks 16 different programs automatically.

Let's see what down payment programs options are available to you based on your household information. 

Which situation best describes you?

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