George Bought with $1,666.87

George Landeros bought his home using one of the 16 available down payment assistance programs.

He is another one of our success stories who used one of the Down Payment Assistance programs the system recommended to buy a home with under $1,700 out-of-pocket. George used to be in Real Estate at one point, but like most agents, the market crash was too much to bare. 

He was able to sell his house at the time, and now that three years had passed, was able to qualify again for the first time home buyer programs. We met to have coffee, and invited Paul to meet with us to go over George’s eligibility and YES, he surprised at how much money he was eligible to receive to get back into his own home. 

Here’s Paul Claudio coming to the aid of another home buyer.

Paul was able to finally get George approved for a down payment assistance and a closing cost program.

Take a look


  • $9,750 in CalHFA Down Payment Assistance
  • $14,360 in CalHFA Closing Cost Assistance

Worth 1 minute of his time check his eligibility right? Here is the house he bought

Here is the best part. When we opened escrow he made and earnest money deposit of $3,000 into escrow.

At the close, she received a refund check of $1,333.17.

That means that he was able to get into his new home with only $1,666.87.

Let's see what down payment programs options are available to you based on your household information. 

Which situation best describes you?

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