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16 Programs are available to Help You Own a Home For Under $2,500

  • System Checks Your Eligibility For 16 Programs Instantly
  • Eligible Buyers Can Buy with as Little as  $2500 Down 
  • No Registration or Credit Card Required to See Results
  • Don't Worry About Having to Save for the Down Payment

3 Reasons to Check Your Eligibility Now...

1.Don't Use Your Money If You Don't Have To ... Most home buyers believe that down payment programs and government grants are only for low income families. This is far from true. While some programs have an income cap of $80,600 others depend on the family size and go up as high as $115,000. So before you drain your bank account, check to see if you are eligible to use these programs.

2. Move For Less Than Renting ... Most people believe it cost less to rent than it does to buy a house. For the most part this is true. If you have to come up with your own down payment and closing costs. then Yes! But, if you are eligible to get both down payment and closing costs, then you can buy for less than renting a new place ( Deposit + 1 months rent). Deann and George were both able to buy a place for under $2200 and $1700 out of pocket respectively.... so this is very possible.

3Avoid the Bait and Switch ... There are many agents and lenders who advertise the down payment assistance programs, but are not approved by HUD to offer these programs. They use it as a bait and switch to get you to apply, and then tell you that you ARE NOT ELIGIBLE so they can offer you a loan that they are approved to offer. This is the main reason why we created this Smart System. To give you an Unbiased way to check your eligibility without registering and before talking to an agent. If you are eligible, then you can then speak to an approved lender with confidence that you meet all the minimum requirements for the programs. Information is power!


If you have Question, Please contact us at 951-970-0542